Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get free sms credits ?

After registering, you will get a verification email.After clicking on that link you will automatically get 10 free sms credits Sometimes email may end in your spam folder.Make sure you check them

How can I buy credit?

You can buy credit using Paypal and major credit cards from your user panel.Your balance will be automatically updated.You can also send us bankwire.We also accept local bank transfer in few countries.

Do you support SMPP and API?

Yes,we offer SMPP.Please contact us for details.You can generate APIs fro your account panel.

Can I get volume discounts?

Yes, Our system automatically shows you offers at the time of credit purchase.You can contact us if you have huge volume.

How many SMS can be sent in a campain ?

Our sustem can handle a huge number of SMS per second.So you do not have to worry about it.

How many countries you support?

We support 200+ countries

2 way SMS is support ?

Currently we support 2 way SMS in 148 countries.

restriction of content of SMS ?

We do not allow contents of phising,child pornography,illegal drugs, arms and ammunations.

I cannot find my answer here

Please contact us at